President/Vice President

Donald J. Trump & Michael R. Pence

Representative in Congress

District 16: Vern Buchanan


State Attorney

Ed Brodsky

State Senator

District 21: Jim Boyd (Manatee County Voters)
District 23: Joe Gruters

State Representative

District 71: Will Robinson
District 72: Fiona McFarland
District 73: Tommy Gregory
District 74: James Buchanan

Manatee County Supervisor of Elections

Michael S. Bennett

Manatee County Commissioner

District 3: Kevin Van Ostenbridge
District 7 (At Large): George W. Kruse

Manatee County School Board

District 3: Mary Foreman

Sarasota County Commissioners

District 1: Michael A. Moran
District 3: Nancy Detert
District 5: Ron Cutsinger



District 1: No Endorsement
District 2: No Endorsement
District 3: Erik “E” Arroyo

Charter Review Board

District 1 (2 Yr Term): Alexandra Coe
District 1 (1 Yr Term): Kennedy Legler
District 2: Ray Collins
District 3: David Samuel
District 4: Scott Williams
District 5: Elaine Miller

Hospital Board

At Large, Seat 1: Sharon Wetzler Peters
At Large, Seat 2: Tramm Hudson
At Large, Seat 3: Britt Riner
Central, Seat 1: Sarah Lodge

Sarasota Soil & Water Conservation

District Group 1: Steven W. Horton

Supreme Court Justice

Retain Carlos G. Muñiz: No Endorsement

District Court of Appeals Judges

Retain Drew Atkinson: No Endorsement
Retain Morris Silberman: No Endorsement
Retain Daniel H. Sleet: No Endorsement
Retain Andrea Teves Smith: No Endorsement


Florida Constitutional Amendments

Amendment 1
Citizenship Required to Vote in Florida Elections: YES

Amendment 2
Raising FL’s Mimimum Wage: NO

Amendment 3
All Voters Vote in Primary Election: NO

Amendment 4
Voter Approval of Constitutional Amendments: No Position
(Supported by The Republican Party of Florida)

Amendment 5
Homestead Property Tax Assessments: YES

Amendment 6
Tax Discount for Spouses of Deceased Veterans: YES

Sarasota County Special Referendum Question

Property Tax Exemptions for Economic Development: YES

City of Sarasota Special Referendum Question

Property Tax Exemptions for Economic Development: YES